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i am oh so cool.


about you...

+ name - hannah.
+ age - fourteen.
+ birthday- october 23rd.
+ location - california dreaming.
+ gender - girl.
+ anything else we should know - you mean you dont know already?


+ music genres - emo/indie. all my records.
+ bands - bright eyes, rilo kiley, elvis costello, the dismemberment plan, luda.
+ songs - "remix to ignition" r. kelly, "sunrise, sunset" bright eyes, "alison" elvis costello, "you are invited" dismemberment plan.
+ lyrics - "dont be so quick to walk away, come dance with me. i wanna rock your body till the break of day.
+ movies - moulan rouge, donnie darko, labyrinth, clerk, mallrats, napoleon dynomite, when harry met sally, and clueless. hah.
+ tv shows - the dave chapelle show, real world, MTVhits, saturday night live, extreme makeover.
+ books - white oleander and fast food nation.
+ colors - green and neon pink, neon blue. just basically neon colors.
+ foods - french bread, sushi, milkshakes.
+ subject - english


+ list your rants - sean paul, 2 door cars, upset stomachs, rick from degrassi, ect.
+ list your raves - goodwill, salvation army, moulan rouge, holding hands, midnight kisses, boy shorts, sephora.
+ make us laugh - if the world was a jacket, where would black people live? the hood.
+ any good stories? - i bought a lovely jacket from snap (a vintage store near where i live). i brought it home and tried it on. when i reached in the pocket, there was a $100 bill there. happiest moment of my life
+ hobbies - knitting?

opinions... [3/5]

+ abortion: its easy to say "have that baby", but truth be the matter, there are exceptions. when you are 14, you arent emotionally ready for a baby because accidents happen. when you're raped, thats not your fault. its unfair to carry a baby around for a year because that is an entire year of no school. Its not a life either. When you have sex, all sperms die except the one that reaches the egg. It’s the same thing.
+ love/sex: theres nothing more romantic than love, but the thought of how many young people are having sex is revolting. There are girls that are having sex at ages 10-12 and that is way too young. if you are emotionally ready to have sex if you are 14 or older, then go ahead. personally, i'm not going to wait until after marriage to have sex, but im not going to give myself to a boy that i barely know.
+ drugs/drinking: yes, i have gotten drunk and yes i have done weed, but for fun. more people are turning towards alcohal and drugs for escape from pain and such which is very dangerous way to become addicted. i would never do cocaine or any type of drug that could endanger my life, but i have no guilt about smoking weed.
+ religion: everyone should have something they believe it, let it be god, many gods, buddha, goddess, ect. or you can believe in nothing. its unfair to prosecute someone based on their beliefs.
+ school: why would you remind me of such a thing during the summer?


+ why are you cool? i'd like to think of myself as original. originality, is the coolest thing in the world.
+ where did you hear about this? i was surfing user-lookups and say this under "member of.." of _noticeme
+ promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did. [optional but helps] check kissthegun's comments.
+ we want pictures! [once again, optional, but helps] here is one photo. when i join, i'll post more.
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