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+ name - KATO
+ age - 14
+ birthday- 3-26-90 
+ location - Michigan
+ gender - Violent Femme
+ anything else we should know - I can play the banjo and tap dance to the mammy nun show by Frank Zappa
+ music genres - old punk, frank zappa/captain beefheart, rock n roll, jazz, free jazz, motown, classic rock
+ bands - Frank Zappa, The Mothers Of Invention, Captain Beefheart, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin... ect;
+ songs - Camarillo Brillo- FZ, Briefcase Boogie- FZ Dogs- Pink Floyd Back to the old house- The Smiths
+ lyrics - "i could walk on my own but not for very far had to brace me up like FDR"  
movies- Kung Pow, Breakfast Club, The Empire Strikes Back, Clerks
+ tv shows - Family Guy, Sex and the City, Aqua Teen Hunger Force
+ books - 16th round, That was the this is now,ect; ect;
+ colors - yellow,purple,pink,black,lime green, white... a lot of colors
+ foods - green beans and milk
+ subject - Autoerrotisismology
+ list your rants - Fake people, knives, sand in my tennis shoes, bugs, when my milk has curds in it
+ list your raves -
Frank Zappa, music, the beach, sunsets, laughing,dancing, getting your tounge stuck to a pole of frozen ice
+ make us laugh - how do you catch a unique rabit? you NEEK up on it.. how do you catch a tame rabit? the TAME way!
+ any good stories? -
So the first time we got our jet ski i was riding in in the bay, and there was this old torn life jacket that said "KENNY" on it, well i picked it up and on my way back i hit a rock didnt tell anyone then i drove it back not knowing anyone one knew amnything happened, later on that i was on the boat with family and my aunt said a boy got killed out by skunk island (right where i hit the rock) and i started freaking out and they were saying how they think he got hit by a jet ski, and so i confess and they convinced me i killed him, they were telling me how i had to go to jail and were telling its ok cause i can go to college there and it was horribile, then they told me later i didnt kill him and they were teaching me a lesson for hitting the boat and not telling them, but i cried and it was traumatizing.
+ hobbies - music, art, dancing, writing, film, reading
+ abortion- i think that your ready to have sex your ready to take on the responsibility of a child, but on the other hand if you were raped then that should be option for you to have, but if the child you are murdering could end up to be the president, abortion is a crazy topic.

+ love/sex- I think that sex is a beautiful and sacred thing that should be cherrished and shared with someone you love and could have an intellectual conversation with with someone on top of a station wagon.
+ drugs/drinking- drugs and drinking... i dont what my opions on them are quite yet.
+ religion-ive never been deep into religion so i dont want to offend anyone but in my views  a god doesnt exist, if you belive in a god then im happy for you... i guess i could say i believe in shamans, and there is a god of some sort out there, but into churches and read a bible.
+ school- 45% of the things you learn in school you forget, i think were in school for to long and its someone elses opptions that are being programed into your brain are not always correct... but i do believe in education too


+ why are you cool? im cool because i know lou todisci personally.
+ where did you hear about this? search.
+ promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did. [optional but helps]

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i like the first picture. but nothing else.