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my app.

about you...

+ name - bethany
+ age - 20
+ birthday- march 20th, 1984
+ location - southeast texas
+ gender - f
+ anything else we should know - not really


+ music genres - punk and...some stuff I don't know how to categorize
+ bands - mindless self indulgence, uncle fucker, nofx, dead kennedys, gwar, kmfdm, scared of chaka, outkast, beastie boys, the put-downs, joe jitsu, the gooches, the koopas
+ songs - capital p, 1989 - msi, tennessee stud - uncle fucker, it's my job to keep punk rock elite - nofx, drug me - dead kennedys, maryanne - gwar, drug against war - kmfdm, lie and a cheat - scared of chaka, behold a lady - outkast, heart attack man - beastie boys, pococurante - put-downs, aftershock - joe jitsu, candy - gooches, new wave of an old sound - koopas
+ lyrics - "self-destruction is a dying art and this is my masterpiece"...an original I wrote for my band Jerkitfighter and the Creeps
+ movies - most horror movies (evil dead series, nightmare series, and lots of cheesy indie ones) also, pretty in pink, breakfast at tiffanys, the cabinet of dr. calagari and any vampire movie
+ tv shows - I don't really watch much tv...everything has become boring...although I'll watch reruns of Strangers with Candy and Kids in the Hall when I can catch them
+ books - EVERY chuck palahniuk book
+ colors - black, red, pink, green, purple and light blue
+ foods - mexican and chineese
+ subject - literature and drama


+ list your rants - ignorance, blatant stupidity, intollerance of alternate lifstyles, beliefs, religions or political association
+ list your raves - live music, making music...other things that I obviously can't think of right now
+ make us laugh - my friends seem to find it funny that I am highly accident prone
+ any good stories? - I'll condense them...I fall flat on my face at least 3 times a week, I'd twisted both ankles, broken one wrist and have many scars from my many accidents
+ hobbies - playing in a local band, acting and reading

opinions... [3/5]

+ abortion - I am pro-choice because I feel it isn't my responsibility to say what another woman should do with her body
+ love/sex - if you love someone, go for it...but playing with fire usually burns
+ drugs/drinking - no drugs, drinking is okay in a safe environment (ie NOT driving)
+ religion - I believe everyone should practice a religion that makes them feel whole and not have to worry about persecution
+ school - everyone should be given the same opportunity at education no matter what their financial status is (I would really enjoy it if america provided free higher education and health care like canada)


+ why are you cool? I don't think I'm cool...you might though
+ where did you hear about this? got bored and did a search in lj and came across it
+ promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did. [optional but helps] promoted on my personal jounal j_andthe_creeps
+ we want pictures! [once again, optional, but helps]
Only picture of me I could find...sorry if it's big
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