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+ name - Jordan
+ age -16
+ birthday- may 28
+ location -Everett WA
+ gender - male
+ anything else we should know - I am a badass


+ music genres - hard to say i like it all but mainly metal.
+ bands - emerey, blood has been shed, kill switch engage, the postal service
+ songs -she speaks to me-blood has been shed, end of heart ache-KsE
+ lyrics -the reason-hoobastank
+ movies -Fight club, blow, the labrynth
+ tv shows -simpsons, family guy
+ books - a child called it, we all fall down
+ colors -blue black
+ foods - american, chinese
+ subject - psycology


+ list your rants -I hate liars!!!
+ list your raves - I love buddys
+ make us laugh - why did the chicken cross the road?---to escape the nazi's
+ any good stories? -Not really
+ hobbies -music

opinions... [3/5]

+ abortion I believe in it because some kids don't need to be pregnant.
+ love/sex
+ drugs/drinking do it if you like it.
+ religion good as long as you don't force it on me.
+ school


+ why are you cool? cause I am a badass who can't drive.
+ where did you hear about this? looked up kick ass and pulled this bad boy up.
+ promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did. [optional but helps]
+ we want pictures! [once again, optional, but helps]don't gots any sorry.

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