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this kid

about you...

+ name - Andrew Julian Vega I Esquire...
+ age - 16
+ birthday - 8/4/88
+ location - san francisco
+ gender - i own a penis
+ anything else we should know - besides the previous statement i enjoy many things including bass guitar and hanging out on roofs...


+ music genres - emo, alternative rock, speed metal, acoustic grindcore, and this new band out here plays emo-speed metal, it's pretty cool... but i don't like attaching labels to things
+ bands - the beatles, smashing pumpkins, mosquito valentine, the refusenix, the rosenbombs, tsunami bomb, spring loaded, stigma 13... simon and garfunkel
+ songs - tonight tonight-smashing pumpkins, today-smashing pumpkins, in my life-the beatles, blackbird-the beatles
+ lyrics - her placenta falls to the floor (my friend is obsessed with live and whenever i hear that lyric i laugh hysterically)
+ movies - anything kevin smith...except jersey girl...
+ tv shows - family guy
+ books - astonish yourself: a look into personal philosophy and life perception
+ colors - clear
+ foods - lasagna
+ subject - video production


+ list your rants - mormons... i swear to god it's a cult, have u ever been to a church dance, the kids are psychos, and they are all sex perverts with crazy little games and what-not... eeek O_o
+ list your raves - *crazy techno music and ecstacy, eeek a girl just fell to the ground and died of dehydration*
+ make us laugh - (i figured this woudl fit for this community's name thing, but i'm not racist and it's kinda fucked up) whats the difference between a jew and a pizza? ... a pizza doesnt scream when u put it in the oven
+ any good stories? - um well me and my friends have this plot to fill the pool with untold amounts of kool aid... anyone who has done it before at our school has miserabley failed with jello and they have done it on small insignificant scales but we are going to cause mass chaos when we do that and outline the mascot of our rivals in our foot ball field with grass killer!
+ hobbies - smoking weed, writing music, playing music, writing screen plays, making movies, eating food...

opinions... [3/5]

+ abortion
+ love/sex
+ drugs/drinking - marijuana is the best thing in the world if done properly. many peoel waste their weed when a joint is stalling not to mention it kills their lungs like whoa. if one uses a vaporizer its benefits outweigh its negatives... ahhh....
+ religion - it's just a way people explained things int he past when they didn't have science and it is used as a control over a large percentage of society
+ school - some peopel need it and some people don't and then there are peopel who just don't give a fuck. i think school should not be mandatory and parents shoudl teach their kids and if they can't well then survival of the fittest bitch!


+ why are you cool? because i sure as hell am not hot... lol j/k... hmmm what a contradiction: all the hot peple are considered cool? well i am open minded and i just plain rock the socks...
+ where did you hear about this? sexx in a can
+ promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did. [optional but helps]
+ we want pictures! [once again, optional, but helps] i pic is in sexx in a can and well... too lazy to post a picture... i'm a lazy person but who cares
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