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I'm so cool...

name - Kristin
age - 19 years and still kicking ass
birthday- February 25, 1985, pisces
location - Minnesowwwta
gender - I'm a Chick
anything else we should know - i really get into lame humour.. and i'm really excited right now because i just bought a pair of RAD shoes at Walmart for $10! oh i am so scene! ;)


music genres - everything. INDIE. punk. Emo. Acoustic. POP-Punk. POP itself. SOME Country.
bands - too many. Top 5) Death CAb For Cutie, Saves the day, Travis, Rufus Wainwright, MOdest Mouse
songs - "photobooth"- Death Cab "You remind me of home"- Ben Gibbard/Andrew Kenny "ups and Downs"- Saves the day "Metro (cover)"- Alkaline Trio, "The future freaks me out"- Motion City Soundtrack "Toxic"- Britney Spears.
lyrics - The Postal Service- "Brand New Colony"
movies - Fight Club, X-Men, X2, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Army of Darkness, The burbs
tv shows - Aqua TEen Hunger Force
books - The Holy Bible, "I kissed dating good-bye"- Joshua Harris, "Ender's Game"- Orson Scott CArd, "King of the World"-David Remnick.
colors - Blue and Pink :)
foods - i love all food.. 98% of it. Brown beans and yams/sweet potatoes make up that 2% that i HATE.
subject - Music and God (not apologetics though, i just like sharing my faith)


list your rants - old people who drive slow, getting stuck behind tractors on the highway,... i have road rage bad... and i hate customers at DQ (my job) so i normally hide in the back.
list your raves - Britney Spears is HAWT!!! Im' not a lesbian or anything, but i think she is so darn cute! so is Lindsey Lohan! wow is she ever CUTe in that movie "FREAKY FRIDAY".... oh and concerts are good, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE rocks my face off (well Ben Gibbard does too :), and MUSIC!!ERTERW!!@!@!@#$@#$!!!
make us laugh - Q: How do you turn a dishwasher into a snowplow? A: Give the her a shovel
any good stories? - this is the part where everyone eventually says "this one time at band camp..." but i won't do that because that's annoying when people say that.. i should put that in my rants.... ummm.. my friend ran over a cow once, that was funny because it ruined his car, and just to think, "he ran over a cow?" what the hell. only in Minnesowta i guess.
hobbies - art (collage, sculpture, blood experimentation, working with different types of media. I'm a studio Art major ok?) listening to music, playing guitar and violin, sleeping ;)

opinions... [3/5]- whats the 3/5?

abortion- murder. no matter what.
love/sex- True love waits for sex after marraige fool
drugs/drinking- Drugs = teh Devil. they ruined my brothers life pretty much and scarred my family's own life. wanna know? just ask. Drinking = the devil but i do occasionally, i still hate it though
religion- I'm a Christian. I love Jesus, i won't Hide it, but i won't shove it in your face either, i am who i am.
school- University of Minnesota, MOrris (sophomore)


why are you cool?
i'm not sure why. i just found this link in my live journal and i was like "ok why not? I'll just stay up until 2am doing this instead of sleeping... because who needs to get up and go to work in the morning? oh yeah. me." I guess since i'm the oldest one here, i figured you guys need a MOMMY to teach you all the ways to being teh cool. i might be cool because i have a lame sense of humour, i love people, and i love Canada. or i might be lying. i'd choose the latter ;)
where did you hear about this?
someone posted the link in my LJ
promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did. [optional but helps]
uhhhhhhh.... i'm not sure how to do that.
picture of you [once again, optional, but helps]

title or description
Me sitting at my computer, as usual.

title or description
part one of my Art Project.

title or description
Part Two.

title or description
Normal Picture of me

title or description
Last but NOT least!

thank you and good-night. be sure to drink your ovaltine. Tip your waiters and waitresses, I'll be here all week. peace.
<>< Kristin
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