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i am oh so cool

name - Manni
age - 21
birthday- 6th April 1983. for british users, you'll know this is the beginning of the new tax year, how exciting!...
location - Birmingham, UK. Ozzy Osbourne is from these parts.
gender - femme, but i kick ass like a dude.
anything else we should know - i'm asian. as the pix will demonstrate. indian, if you wonder. i'm 5'1, so let the short jokes commence... oh, and i'm drowsy. i took a pill for my hay fever and it went wrong :( it wasn't supposed to... i'm a "rare case". in case i'm typing shit, k?


music genres - no faves, i can like anything and everything. but i am weak for rnb/rap as well as alternative music. i like stuff that makes me wanna dance or holds a good beat.
bands - outkast, nerd, vandals, chemical brothers, pitchshifter, massive attack, mr t experience, and a lot of other crap.
songs - joe budden - pump it up, because it gets me in the mood when i get ready to go out. chillout tune is Massive Attack - *goes blank*, shit i forgot what it's called! the one with the singing embryo? (*post preview*) it's called Teardrop :)
lyrics - "there is a little rule, and it's called over-rule", Vandals, Euro-barge.
movies - leon, matrix 1(for philosophical content), 28 days later, beetlejuice, silence of the lambs, nightmare on elm street, shrek, south park. humour is good, being scared of out my pants is good too!
tv shows - not into tv like i used to be cos it's all crap these days. can't go wrong with Simpsons, and fairly odd parents. rather keen on music tv, so even crap on mtv like room raiders does me fine.
books - in my job, i have to read a lot or look at the computer screen (i do payroll in an office), so when i get home, i'm not into reading that much or even looking at the tv. i used to love reading Point Horror books, but this is me at 13, so it doesn't count. these days, i like to read non-serious things like Viz, Smut, and Snoop which are magazines/comics. does this make me look uneducated?
colors - no fave colour as such. i like a lot of colours, but with me, i can't go wrong in Pink - preferably the bright, shocking kind. black/white/dark red always works too.
foods - KFC!!! chicken, lasagnes, bacon :)
subject - at school you mean? i liked maths. i liked that it was challenging. i also got a kick out of English cos it meant i got to debate and it was a subject where your opinion was appreciated.


list your rants - my what? sorry, never heard that term used before. is it a US thing?
list your raves - once again, see above. if you tell me what they mean, i'll answer. don't think i'm stupid, there's a culture difference!
make us laugh - what did ET's mother say when he got home? "where on earth have you been?!"
any good stories? - i was at a fair with my cousins and these idiots were staring and even filming us! they were tourists, but they were perves. we were only sitting on the grass in the park, eating. but after a while, we got fed up, so as soon as they turned around, my cousin threw her plate of food at their backs! it went all over their designer jackets and they made such a scene about how they were gonna punch our lights out! imagine, 5 guys, and 5 girls. however, the guys look about 24, and we're 21, 18, 17, 15, and 9 yep. eventually, they kicked a plate of food back at us and walked off. when we saw them walk towards the police, we legged it!
hobbies - i like chilling with my friends, roaming the town, making fun of everyone else. why? because it's easy.

opinions... [3/5]

abortion i'm not 100% pro-choice... i'm maybe 70/30? being honest here. in one way, i think it's sad, cos i love kids. but i can sympathise that a person may not be ready to have children, for financial reasons or emotional. but i think it's stupid that it leads to that just because somebody was unsafe to begin with. or even that some women even rely on it. same as morning after pill. but i know in special cases, like rape etc, then it's a solution for an unwanted baby. and to be fair, it's not nice to be told you're not wanted.
love/sex i used to think love was suicide. then i thought love was friendship. now, i think love is just a partnership. in the sense that you can put any 2 people together and through time, they'll fall in love because they learn to work together. that's why in some cases, arranged marriages work. what this shows is that with age, your idea of "love" and what it is will change as you grow, so everybody's opinion is different, and i respect that.
i'm not into casual sex, it's not for me. i can see how it's convenient for some, but it can't be permanent. at a certain age, it has to end!
drugs/drinking i see it as pollution, so i don't even drink anymore. i did, but i didn't see the point in running to the loos every 30 seconds to pee. and like now, i feel drowsy and not in control. i don't like that. i have friends who do hard drugs, and it makes them act like idiots. i just hope they don't do anything stupid.
religion organise religion is a piece of pish. i find it pointless, it just
promotes people to be segregated in the world. and if people ever paid attention to their holy books, they'd know that's not what they're meant to do. being spiritual is the key. if you believe in yourself as a person, and others, and know right from wrong, maybe we'd all get a long? but then you argue who defines right and wrong? well, it's all just common sense, no?
not religious myself, but i'm spiritual. there isn't a name or group for what i believe in. i just follow my heart and try to do what's right and not forget to think about other people.

why are you cool? because i scare the fuck out of my friends and i get away with making fun of people.
where did you hear about this? i found you on a search. your name stuck out to me, because it's almost politically incorrect and THAT i like!
promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did. [optional but helps] amilase boring, eh?
we want pictures! [once again, optional, but helps]

okie dokie...

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