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im new




about you...

+ name - Jesse Piazza
+ age - 17
+ birthday- 5/7/87
+ location - Santee, Ca (suburb of San Diego)
+ gender - Male
+ anything else we should know - i like girls, and i have a twin brother.


+ music genres - Hardcore, Emo, Indie
+ bands - As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, Sparta, At The Drive- In, Sparta,  Noise Ratchet, Radiohead, Thursday, Thrice, The Killers, Cold Play, Copeland
+ songs - 94 Hours- As I Lay Dying, Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste- Norma Jean, Knives Out- Radiohead
+ lyrics -  

He laid emeralds in her eyes,
but I'd already tried a bracelt made of gold
and a scarlet thread around her wrist.
Everything was wrong so we sang sentimental songs.
"Oh how seldom we belong but how elegant our kiss."
We painted crooked lines
but danced in perfect time to a love so much refined,
we know not what it is until like a dullen wine we pour into a grief know before
but never quite like this.
All i know now is regret,
it follows like a silhouette along the cobbelstone behind us,
but has nothing to say except to innocently ask,
its voice delicate as glass,
"Do you see me when we pass?"
but i continue on my way. - norma jean, memphis will be laid to waste

+ movies - kill bill (vol. 1&2), pulp fiction, dumb and dumber, the passion.
+ tv shows - Pimp My Ride, Family guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, head bangers ball
+ books - 1984- george orwell
+ colors - blue, black, brown
+ foods - mexican food, pizza,
+ subject - world history


+ list your rants - Im Chillin Like Matt Dillan On Penicillen While Eating Cream Filling
+ list your raves - i dont have any...
+ make us laugh - this one time when i was like 3 i saw a midget black guy in a store and i was with my brother and dad and my brother and i thought the guy was a monkey. and we started freaking out and saying stuff like "OMG THAT MONKEY IS BY HIMSELF!!!" and then he walked up to us and started talking and my brother and i started screaming "DAD THE MONKEY IS TALKING!!!"
+ any good stories? - ^same^
+ hobbies - playing guitar, sleeping.

opinions... [3/5]

+ abortion- against
+ love/sex- love is forever, sex is lust
+ drugs/drinking- dont so either one
+ religion- christian
+ school- santana high school


+ why are you cool?- im cool because i dont really care what other people think about me, im my own person and dont try to follow the crowd.
+ where did you hear about this? i was looking through random communities and this one looked cool.
+ promote us someplace and give the link so we know that you did.
+ we want pictures!

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